Team Penning

What is Team Penning?

Team Penning is a sport where three riders separate three cows from a herd of 30, and bring them down an arena and put them in a pen. It is a timed event, usually limited to 60 to 75 seconds.

The cows are wearing numbered tags, usually zero to 9, and there are three cows of each number, i.e. three ones, three twos, three threes, and so on. The particular number the team must bring to the pen remains unknown until they cross the start line, at which time the announcer will call out their number.

They must enter the herd, and working as a team, bring only their cows down the arena. When all three cows are in the pen, the rider at the opening of the pen must raise his hand to signify the cattle are penned. At that time the clock will stop, and that will be their recorded time.

During their run, the balance of the herd must not cross the start line, and cows already in the pen should not be allowed to escape. It is permissable to call for time on less than three cows in the pen, and the team's time will be recorded as such. Three cows will always score higher than a one or two, even though it might take longer to bring them to the pen.

Click here for the complete WTPC Penning & Sorting Rules

Ranch Sorting

How is Ranch Sorting Different?

Ranch Sorting is a sport utilizing two round pens joined together, and having a 12-14 foot opening where cattle and horses can pass from one pen to the other. Two riders start with a herd of 10 numbered cows in one of the pens, along with two cows that are untagged.

The object is to start with the number the announcer gives them, and sort that cow from the herd into the empty, or 'holding' pen. The team must then proceed sequentially, until as many cows as possible are sorted into the holding pen - within a 60 second time limit.

During that time, no out-of-sequence cow may be sorted into the holding pen, nor can a cow already sorted be allowed to escape back to the herd. Additionally, no untagged cow can cross through the opening from one pen to the other.

If all ten numbered cows are sorted successfully, the time stops when the full body of the tenth cow crosses into the holding pen, otherwise the time stops at 60 seconds and the number of cows in the holding pen are counted, giving the team their score.