END OF YEAR BANQUET November 17th, 2018

November 17th

If you entered in 5 of our 7 events for 2018, you'll get a vest or jacket!!   We'll have some at the September event that you can try on and check for sizes.

We're gearing up for an awesome year end awards banquet and need a head count of who is planning to join us for dinner.   There will be a cost of $25 for the dinner, the same as last year.   We'll have a sheet in the office where you can jot down your name to let us know.   It sure helps us out, so thanks!!

      We will be at Roy's General Store and Steakhouse again.
      We'll have more information as we get closer to the date

WTPC - good times and good friends. See you there!

  • Sorting - 8:00am Start

    • Open
      Green Novice

    • Open - 5 ride limit
      - Pick/Draw
    • AM & NOV - 4 ride limit
      - Pick/Draw

    • Top 50% return -
      must sort to return

    • 1 place per 15 teams
      - 50% payback

  • Penning - 9:00am Start

    • Open Pick/Draw
      Open Limited *
      Amateur Pick/Draw
      Novice Pick/Draw
      Green Novice**

    • Open/Am/Nov: 4 ride limit
      - Pick/Draw

    • * Open Limited: All 3 riders must
          have AM or Nov rating,
          - will run with Open Class

      Green Novice Penning
        - 4-Go Draw
      Green Novice Sorting
        - Pick / Draw