• March 24 - 25 - Penning Clinic - Bobbi OBrien
  • April 7 - 8
  • May 5 - 6
  • June 9 - 10
  • July 7 - 8
  • August 4 - 5
  • September 15 - 16
  • October 13 - 14

  • Banquet - November 17th

  • Note: - Changes for 2018 Season -

    On-line sign-ups for the September 2018 event will be open Saturday, September 22nd - Sunday, October 7th.   Be sure to check out the Flyer, and get your teams ready for sign up.

    Pre-Registration Required

    Pre-registration is required so that WTPC can order the right number of cows to make herds for the events.   Online, phone and email entries open 2 weeks prior to the event and are open until the Sunday prior to the event.   After that time, and at the event, we will take entries to fill the herds.

    You can do on-line sign ups via the website by entering each of your teams there.   You can also email your teams, which is always a good way to go.   If you have recurring teams (the same every show) you can send those it to Fiona via email indicating they are recurring and she will enter them every month.   No need to sign up the same teams each month.   It will be your responsibility to alert Fiona if a change needs to be made for a particular show (eg. your partner won't be there etc.)

    There are some changes for the 2018 season.

    • Team penning classes will be run on Saturdays and begin at 9:00 a.m. and sorting classes will be run on Sunday and begin at 8:00.

    • Amateur & Novice Penning and Sorting Classes are Pick/Draw classes, with a minimum of 1 picked and a maximum of 2 picked teams, and a minimum of 1 draw team.

    • A change in stall rentals - This change is coming from the owners of Stewart's Arena.   Until we fill all the covered stalls in the outdoor shed row barn, indoor barn and outdoor pipe corals, NO personal pens/highlines are allowed. See more stall information below.