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Note for Green Novice Riders

~ Online Entries Closed October 7th ~

Contact   entries@westsideteampenningclub.com   for changes or corrections.

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You can either enter them as Draw 1, Draw 2, etc,
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Note:   Stall Reservations to Melissa Brady ONLY
~ Saturday, September 22nd - Sunday, October 7th. ~
206-949-8056 / wtpcstalls@gmail.com

Stall Information

Melissa Brady will be doing our stall reservations this year (thank you, Melissa!). Here is a note she has for you.

As the season is coming to a start, I wanted to reach out to you to give you some information about reserving covered stalls, outdoor pens and setting up your own pens/highlines. I also wanted to introduce myself. I am your stall coordinator, Melissa Brady and I can be reached at wtpcstalls@gmail.com or by phone at 206-949-8056 (you might know me as Mark Brady's wife or the super green novice sorter :) I am new to this so please bear with me while I learn the ropes. Feel free to email, text or call me to reserve stalls or pens or if you have any questions.

A change in stall rentals - This change is coming from the owners of Stewart's Arena. Until we fill all the covered stalls in the outdoor shed row barn, indoor barn and outdoor pipe corals, NO personal pens/highlines are allowed.

  • * Outdoor Shed Row Stalls - $25/night - includes shavings and cleaning at end of the weekend.

  • * Indoor Stalls - $25/night - includes shavings and cleaning at the end of the weekend.

  • * Outdoor Pipe Corals - $15/night

  • * Own pen/highline - $15/weekend - all other stall options must be filled before this is available.

Please send me your requests for stalls and which type covered (barn or shed row) or outdoor pipe and whether you want to reserve for one show or all shows (if you reserve for all shows, you will be responsible for the stalls unless you cancel 48 hours before the show). Once those are full, personal pens/highlines can be approved the day of the show.

Here's to another great year of sorting and penning at Westside Team Penning Club at Stewart's Arena. Melissa